5 Tips for Posing for a Portrait

While there is a lot of technical expertise required for taking good portrait shots, you can also do some things to improve how the portrait looks. The portrait photographer will adjust the lighting, choose the settings on the camera and suggest poses, but you need to do your part for taking a great picture. Here are five tips to help the photographer take a great portrait.

Keep Chin Up

Too many people tend to drop their chin when having their picture taken. However, this can produce an unflattering double chin, even if you’re thin. To improve the shot, adjust your pose so your forehead is angled toward the camera.

Squint a Little

If you want to appear more confident in your portrait, squint your eyes just a little. Most people look scared or nervous when having their portraits taken, but by squirting the lower lids slightly, you will have a more confident appearance.

Let Out a Laugh

A posed smile often looks fake, and sometimes painful, so try to think of something funny before having your portrait taken. The photographer may even say something funny to produce a grin or get a laugh out of you so your smile looks more natural.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

While you may want to dress nicely for a family portrait, don’t wear clothing which is tight. You will be uncomfortable and it will reflect in the portrait. The more relaxed you are, the better the portrait will be.

Show the Good Side

Everyone has a good side to their face because faces are not symmetrical. Try to pose so your good side is more prominent in the photograph.

With these tips, you can help the photographer take the best picture possible. They will help you pose to get the best shot, but use these tips too.